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Choose the right plan and follow the short step by step instructions. It just takes a fiew minutes. If you are not living in the UK for more than two years or living abroad you'll need a written recommendation before you can sign up.

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What you'll need

Valid e-mail address
UK postal address
Destination number to take your calls
Proof of ID

How you can pay

Setup fees and monthly invoices may be paid online (all major credit cards accepted).

Technical stuff

Your line is usually up and running within 1 working day. Incoming calls will be straight forwarded to the landline, fax or mobile phone number, specified by you. You may change the destination number at any time. 

    Local landlines

From Aberdeen (012244) to York (019042). London 0207 and 0208. From Antrim (028949) to Southampton (023800).
Best international access. Cheapest for callers.

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    Service lines

055 Corporate numbers,
070 Personal numbers,
0845 and
0870 international business numbers.

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    UK wide

UK-wide corporate presence. Ideal replacement for 08 numbers. Same cost as 01/02 numbers - cheapest for callers. 

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