One Day to get it done. No engineer. No dirt.

Just choose the right plan and area where you want your cable free land line number installed. We will make it up and running within 1 working day. From Aberdeen (012244) to York (019042), London (0207 and 0208), and from Antrim (028949) to Southampton (0238...

123ring UK telephone numbers have many benefits for both residential and business users. 123ring allow you to add as many telephone numbers and from any area you like to any destination phone so that you are no longer restricted to one telephone number per line.
All 123ring UK telephone numbers are coming cable free without the costs of line rental.

Get closer to your friends or family with the right phone number.
01 and 02 numbers are the cheapest for callers and included in all BT's call bundles.

Impress your customers and business partners.
Business, Corporate and UK wide numbers helping your business appear larger and established. It may boost your business growth.

Get the flexibility you need.
Receive 123ring calls wherever you want,  in the UK or abroad. You can change your destination number at any time without burdening your contacts.

Plans from 15.00

01 Landline numbers
02 Landline numbers
0208 London numbers
03 UK wide numbers
070 Personal numbers

Plans from 20.00

0207 London numbers
055 Corporate numbers
0845 International business numbers
0870 National business numbers

Credit included

You'll receive a monthly invoice by letter mail and pay online.

    Local landlines

From Aberdeen (012244) to York (019042). London 0207 and 0208. From Antrim (028949) to Southampton (023800).
Best international access. Cheapest for callers.

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    Service lines

055 Corporate numbers,
070 Personal numbers,
0845 and
0870 international business numbers.

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    UK wide

UK-wide corporate presence. Ideal replacement for 08 numbers. Same cost as 01/02 numbers - cheapest for callers. 

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